Job Vacantie - job vacantie in Bali Indonesia include tips to get new job

Sample Letter of Application

Use the same letterhead used for your resume and references page with your address, phone, email.



Dear Name:

First paragraph: Introduce yourself and include pertinent information about your job skills and how you found the listing and what position you are applying for.

I am a Junior majoring in Journalism at Brigham Young University....etc.

Second and third paragraphs: Give a more complete explanation of the types of work you have done or are doing. Address the skills you have been developing while working, both directly relevant skills (for instance, in Journalism this would include writing, editing, etc.) and indirectly relevant skills (for instance, learning problem solving skills, ability to meet deadlines, to work in a team atmosphere, to take direction from many sources, etc.) You may also mention relevant courses you have taken if you do not have actual experience yet. Try to match the experience you have with the job description.

Use professional vocabulary and phrasing. Make this an interesting letter to read. Be confident in your experience and knowledge and build a case for how your skills can be of benefit to this organization. Do your homework and mention things about their organization to show that you know who their clients are and possibly mention your interests that might relate to their clients.

You should try to find something memorable about yourself that will help them remember you after reviewing a hundred other resumes and cover letters.

Final paragraph should thank them for reviewing your application and that you look forward to an interview. Give them the information they will need to get in touch with you to schedule the interview (time of day and phone or email).



Use this to give the potential employer any information that you want them to have about you. State the ideas clearly. Use this as a general format, but do not feel tied to it.

This will help you to organize your thoughts--but feel free to change it to suit your writing style or the particular position you are applying for.